Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL) Selects Updox for NHIN Direct


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Updox is the HISP for VITL offering Secure Messaging to Vermont providers for care

12/18/2012 – (Dublin, Ohio) Updox and Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL), today announced the launch of the VITLdirect messaging service that is available to more than 1,400 physicians and other health care providers in Vermont. The VITLdirect messaging service is based on the Updox Practice Communications Management (PCM) platform and provides health care organizations in the state with an easy way to exchange information securely using the NHIN Direct protocol.

The secure network will provide Vermont health care organizations with the ability to share clinical information to assist with the coordination of care. Having critical information at the point of care is key to improving outcomes and reducing costs. Providers can send and receive referrals, continuity of care documents, results and many other types of documents with VITLdirect. The VITLdirect service will also assist providers with meeting key components of the meaningful use Stage 2 requirements.

“We chose Updox because of their experience in helping manage secure communications between physicians,” said Sandy McDowell, VITL’s vice president for operations. “We were able to easily use their PCM platform to create a Vermont specific service.”

The Updox platform uses the national standards established by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology’s (ONC) Direct Project. Updox operates as the Health Information Service Provider (HISP) for the VITL service to manage the security and exchange of the information. The Updox HISP can also be used by Electronic Health Record (EHR) providers to satisfy the 2014 certification criteria that require Direct for Meaningful Use.

“VITL is a leader in information technology, and this Direct project is a specific example of VITL providing a real solution that can immediately make an impact,” said Mark Shary, chairman, Updox. “In an ever changing healthcare landscape, many groups talk about exchanging information in a meaningful way while VITL is actually doing it.”

VITL is currently in the process if signing up providers for the new service. The VITLdirect service is free for Vermont health care providers to use through June 2013, and after that time there will be a nominal subscription fee for the service. For more information visit

About Vermont Information Technology Leaders

Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL) is an independent non-profit organization that assists Vermont health care providers with health information technology. VITL has been designated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a regional extension center for health information technology, the only such center serving Vermont. VITL also has been designated by the Vermont Legislature as the operator of the statewide health information exchange. VITL receives federal and state funding to assist Vermont primary care providers with EHRs and HIE.

About Updox

The Updox Practice Communications Management (PCM) system enables medical practices to improve internal workflows by having a single interface to manage all patient and provider communications. Updox allows patients to interact with a practice via the web to schedule appointments, complete forms, make payments, securely message the doctor’s office and access their medical history, including lab results and continuity of care documents. In addition, through the same workflow a practice can communicate with other providers to exchange documents such as referrals and lab results via electronic fax or NHIN Direct secure messaging. When a practice wants to exchange information, they can easily edit, sign and send a document, and then file a copy in the EHR.

The Updox PCM can be used by large hospital systems, health information exchanges (HIEs) and Regional Extension Centers (RECs) to create solutions such as personal health records for HIEs, lab result delivery networks, ad hoc electronic physician order entry systems and private labeled NHIN Direct secure messaging services. EHR and Practice Management vendors can also partner with Updox to use the PCM to provide secure messaging and portal functions to meet Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements.

More than 2,500 practices, representing 5 million patients, are using Updox every day to Transform Practice Communications and the Patient Experience.

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