When It’s So Much More than Just an Appointment Reminder Solution

How much does an empty waiting room chair impact your business? Each no-show appointment costs a practice or pharmacy at least a $25 co-pay and a $90 reimbursement. If 7% of your patients skip their appointments, your practice is losing more than $60,000 each year.                                                      

A good appointment reminder solution gets patients in the door or allows them to cancel their appointment (so you can backfill to maintain workflow). An outstanding patient notification solution does even more…

In addition to Appointment Reminders, Updox offers on-demand messaging called Blast. Blast works in tandem with Appointment Reminders to provide a full-scale patient notifications system that helps to:

  • Improve reputation management – Thank patients for their business and ask them to complete online surveys about their experience with your business
  • Increase revenue – Reminder yesterday’s no-show patients to call to reschedule missed appointment
  • Build Relationships – Send birthday greetings to patients born in March
  • Drive referrals – Remind referral sources you’re available and thank them for referrals
  • Meet CMS requirements – Target educational content (such as diabetes management tools) to select patients
  • Enhance customer service – Alert patients when construction detours change the route to your business or inclement weather forces you to delay opening on time

Updox automated appointment reminders let you send messages via phone, text or email to your entire patient base, a targeted subset based on age, gender, birthday day, appointment date or diagnosis or a select group such as referral partners or community members. Reminders messages can be targeted to remind patients to fast before an appointment

Beyond the revenue you can generate with patient notifications, there is considerable cost-savings as well. You aren’t paying staff to call patient after patient to reschedule appointments, reminding them of upcoming appointments, instructing them to fast before an appointment or requesting they bring their medications in.

As healthcare moves to a value-based care model, healthcare practitioners have to work together, across the board, to improve quality of care. Part of that is involving patients in their care and making them partners in their overall health. When used in the right manner and delivered in the right channel, patient notifications support effective and timely patient engagement strategies through channels that can be easily adapted into patients’ lives.

So, you might think that it’s just a reminder but, if it’s done well – it’s so much more. It’s patient engagement. It’s more revenue. It’s better workflow. It’s improved quality of care. So, remember that and click here to learn more about Updox patient notifications.

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