World Immunization Week: Improving COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution with Technology

Healthcare technology can help overcome challenges that practices experience during COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Immunizations can prevent millions of deaths every year. This year, vaccines are playing a particularly important role in healthcare as our country continues to combat the spread of COVID-19.AdobeStock_409421748 (1)

In honor of World Immunization Week and its focus on ‘vaccines bringing us closer,’ the World Health Organization is urging providers to educate patients on the importance of getting a COVID-19 vaccination in hopes of global immunity. As members of the healthcare community, we all have a role to play in ensuring the safe and effective vaccination of our communities and we celebrate providers on the frontlines communicating with patients and delivering this vital service.

We’ve Come a Long Way in Vaccine Distribution

Earlier this year, the Biden Administration set a goal of distributing 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses in his first 100 days in office. Since then, more than a third of our country has received at least one vaccine dose and injection rates have exceeded 3 million daily. What’s more, in recent weeks, at least 19 states have fully opened eligibility for all people 16 and older to get vaccinated.

As providers continue to encourage widespread vaccination, practices need the right healthcare solutions to reach patients where they are — on their phones — while also increasing office productivity around distribution.

Overcoming Vaccine Challenges With Healthcare Technology

Despite progress being made, providers have faced a number of challenges when it comes to getting their patient communities fully vaccinated. We’re breaking down the top three challenges we’ve heard from customers and how to overcome them using healthcare technology:

  • Concerns about potential side effects. Our recent patient study revealed that 87% of Americans want to receive information from their healthcare provider on COVID-19 vaccine-related news and updates. Therefore, whether your practice is readily distributing vaccines or not, your team can use communication tools like Secure Text and Broadcast Messaging to help manage patient inquiries and provide helpful information to your community about vaccine safety, eligibility, and availability.
  • Worries about crowded waiting rooms. Before becoming fully vaccinated, patients don’t want to take the risk and sit in crowded waiting rooms before seeing their provider. Practices can mitigate exposure by designing contactless check-in processes with the help of solutions like Electronic Forms.
  • Getting patients in twice for a shot. With busy schedules, it can be difficult to get patients in for the COVID-19 vaccine. And with both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines requiring two doses to create full immunization – with many patients experiencing side effects after the second dose – many providers are struggling to get patients in for their second shot. Appointment Reminders can help keep healthcare visits top of mind for patients in order to reduce the rate of no-shows and increase the effectiveness of the vaccine within your patient group.

Is your practice looking for a way to improve your COVID-19 vaccine distribution process? Click here to discover how several of our customers have implemented the tools discussed above to improve their businesses.


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