Communication Solutions for Long Term & Post-Acute Care Facilities (LTPAC)

Complete care team collaboration

You need HIPAA-compliant communications channels that let you securely share information and collaborate with physicians, pharmacists, family members and community partners. We provide all these powerful tools in order to help you and your team provide better care, take advantage of new revenue opportunities, and lower costs.

Key Benefits

Manage communications

including transition of care documents & PHI with Electronic Faxing

Engage clients and family members

by offering convenient online customer service tools with our Patient Portal

Keep information secure

our HIPAA-compliant security requirements prevent unauthorized users from accessing PHI

Communicate faster

with physicians, family members and community partners through Secure Text and Video Chat

Drive clinical services revenue

through improved care coordination processes with a consolidated Inbox

Drive clinical services revenue

We cut down the time it takes it takes for manual data entry

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LTPAC Overview

Our Long-term Post-Acute Care facilities solution works in the office or from any mobile device when you are between offices. We work with most of the LTPAC facility EHRs (such as PointClickCare) and can improve how you communicate through them. 

Let Updox help you

Let Updox transform the way your pharmacy works with the tools needed for efficient, cost-effective internal productivity, provider communication and patient engagement

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“Before, we’d get ‘fax undelivered’ notices and have to call offices, which would interrupt patient care. Now, we have none of that. We’re also able to quickly adjust phone numbers if someone calls to tell us their fax machine is down. We can all work seamlessly without inconveniencing patient care staff.

Rod Goodemote

CCHS Systems Analyst

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