Want satisfied patients, happier staff and a better work-life balance for yourself?

Engage patients, simplify provider communication and eliminate redundant workflows – all through one convenient software platform built for physicians. Our collaboration platform removes clutter and helps healthcare work more efficiently without the noise (and cost) of disconnected technology solutions, manual processes and frustrated staff.

Our software for physicians allows you to:

Communicate via text


Grow customer base

Secure Text

Offer payment options

Patient Payments

Digitize paperwork

Electronic Fax

Provide chart access

Patient Portal

Improve communication

Direct Messaging

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Let Updox help you

Let Updox transform the way your pharmacy works with the tools needed for efficient, cost-effective internal productivity, provider communication and patient engagement

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“I couldn’t run my practice without Updox. I definitely believe that Updox helps me stay in business. It’s important to me to operate my practice on my terms. Updox lets me maximize my time and focus on taking care of my patients.

Thomas Miller, MD

Family Medicine

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