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Charge capture leakage and billing mistakes cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars in lost revenue each year. Reduce lost revenue and billing lag all while increasing practice productivity and patient engagement with Updox Charge Capture powered by MDTech.

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Nearly a third of practices still use paper to capture charges. See how Charge Capture powered by MDTech can boost your bottom line!


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A State-of-the-Art Charge Capture Solution

Managing patients, notes, and charges shouldn’t be a difficult process. But many practices are using outdated technology, or even pen and paper, to try to run their charge capture process. As a result, physicians are losing time and money with paper-rounding lists, manual note transfer between systems, and more.

It’s time for a new solution. It’s time for Charge Capture.

  • Seamlessly Share Patients

    Transferable, secure data make it easy to maintain a record of care across different shifts.

  • Add Charges with a Single Swipe

    Our integrated database of CPT and ICD codes makes it easy to fill in billing forms.

  • Simplify the Revenue Cycle

    Capture charges at the point of care and quickly send them for reimbursement.

Convenience By Design

Patient Database

Integrate directly with your hospital(s) to pull patient information straight to your phone. Manage patients with associated facesheets, notes, and charges, all in one interface.

Patient Handoff

Seamlessly share patients with other physicians for handoff or weekend rounding. Quickly view shared notes, procedures, and other critical information about your new patient.

Fast Coding

Configure your favorites list on the fly with your most commonly used codes and procedures. Browse specialty-specific drilldowns or search from a global database.

Be Proactive

Identify what process needs your attention. Solve for problems before they start by leveraging our easy-to-use reporting dashboard.

The Power of MDTech

MDTech is an award-winning technology made for physicians, by physicians. With an arsenal of powerful features like complete support for ICD-10 codes and integrated secure messaging, charge capture has never been easier.

Charge Capture FAQs

What is charge capture?

Charge capture is the process used by healthcare practices to record their performed patient services and submit to payers for reimbursement. It involves documenting all parts of the patient/provider interaction using a series of procedure and diagnosis codes which are then submitted to the insurer for payment.


Updox Charge Capture powered by MDTech is the branded term for our digital charge capture solution. Read our full What is Charge Capture article.

How can charge capture processes be improved?

For years, providers and their teams did their entire charge capture processes on paper—and some still do. This is a tedious and time-consuming process which can be made dramatically more efficient by switching to a digital solution.


Proper charge capture processes ensure that healthcare providers accurately document all billable services provided to patients, which helps to capture revenue that might otherwise be lost due to missed charges or billing errors


A good charge capture solution makes it easier to capture CPT and ICD codes at the point of care, regardless of the EMR or Practice Management system used inside the practices or other health facilities your staff may round at. It reduces errors, and thus rejected claims, by eliminating manual data entry mistakes. Digital charge capture solutions shorten the billing cycle, improve data privacy and security, and help your practice capture charges efficiently and increase revenue integrity.

How do I stay up to date on CPT and ICD codes?

CPT and ICD codes, which are essential for charge capture, change regularly. Using a digital charge capture solution helps ensure you’re always using the most recent codes by automatically updating the code library whenever changes occur.

What is the Importance of Charge Capture in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle?

Implementing an effective charge capture process is a critical component of the healthcare revenue cycle, as accurate and timely charge capture can help healthcare organizations maximize their charge capture revenue cycle and prevent revenue leakage.


How much does Charge Capture solutions/software cost?

Charge capture software usually charges a per-user subscription fee, paid either monthly or annually. Prices generally vary from $50 to $100 or more per user per month. However, the cost of your charge capture solution should always be offset by the improvements in revenue and practice efficiency it creates. Practices miss 3-5 percent of their charges on average—charge capture software will avoid these losses and improve your bottom line.

How does Charge Capture powered by MDTech differ from other charge capture solutions?

Our Charge Capture solution offers the perfect combination of consistency and flexibility, making it a perfect fit with any workflow. Charge Capture is EHR independent, allowing users to select a patient and start entering charge information without having to navigate through EHR screens and alerts. Since it is built for mobile use, providers don’t need access to a laptop or workstation to view patient lists and collect encounter information. We use HL7 and API integrations to ensure data arrives quickly and securely. And we offer 24/7 support to make sure you and your team are getting the most out of your product.

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