The Charge Capture Platform

Reduce lost revenue and billing lag. Increase practice productivity and patient engagement. 

A Workflow That Meets You Where You Are

Charge Capture is flexible and scalable enough to work for anyone from small practices to enterprise health networks.

Scale to Your Practice Size

Charge Capture works for both a small practice and the largest enterprise health system, and we easily adapt as your practice grows.

Suits Your Specialty

Charge Capture works with most major specialties , and readily accommodates practices that serve multiple specialties too.

Any Number of Locations

Where you go, we go. Charge Capture is perfect for rounding at hospitals, in-home visits, and any other location.

Platform Overview

Charge Capture provides a single app for managing patient notes, billing codes, and rounding lists, all from the point of care.

Capture Charges

Providers can use our mobile app to quickly and accurately capture charges immediately after seeing a patient. No more handwritten notes turned in days later or lost altogether. 

View Hospital Data

Aggregate Billing Data

HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Charge Capture Works the Way You Do

Charge Capture gives physicians the tools they need to improve billing cycles, reduce revenue leakage, and work more efficiently.


API and HL7 connectivity makes it easy to send information between Charge Capture and other systems. When you’re using Charge Capture for filling in gaps in your current workflow, you won’t have to worry about data being mishandled. 


Onboarding and Support

All Your Info in One Place

Stop chasing down data from multiple sources and manage all charge capture workflows in one platform—from point-of-care to reimbursement.

Facesheet Information

Providers can integrate directly with hospitals to pull patient information straight to their phones, making it easy to stay organized.

Fast Coding

Configure favorites lists on the fly with the most commonly used codes and procedures. Browse specialty-specific drilldowns or search from a global database.

Real-Time Reporting

Identify what process needs your attention. Solve for problems before they start by leveraging our easy-to-use reporting dashboard.

Try our Conversion Calculator

Use our Conversion Calculator to find out how much your practice could be leaving on the table without a digital charge capture solution. 

Want to Partner With Us?

Charge Capture is always looking for mutually beneficial partnerships. Learn more about our programs for developers, resellers, and referrals. 

Don’t just take our word for it.

Read what our current clientele has to say about the Charge Capture Platform.

Using [the Charge Capture] app has been a game-changer for my practice. It has streamlined our billing process and eliminated manual paperwork, reducing errors and saving valuable time. The app’s simple, intuitive interface makes it easy for our providers to submit billing on time and for us to submit claims and track provider productivity. It has significantly improved our efficiency and increased our revenue by ensuring timely reimbursements.


President/CMO of ApexCare, PLLC

Charge Capture FAQ

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