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Updox centralizes communication & patient engagement for enterprises with 100+ providers, synchronizing even the most complex health systems.

Enterprise Challenges: Solved

Updox solves the challenges of your enterprise by simplifying workflows, shortening the revenue cycle, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and more.

Charge Capture

Our state-of-the-art charge capture keeps your revenue in your organization. Track CPT and ICD codes, request reimbursement from insurers, and securely store data with Charge Capture.  

Onboarding & Customer Support

Technology Integrations

Security & Compliance

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Here’s what our many satisfied Enterprise customers have to say about Updox. 

South Florida Integrative Medicine

The Updox platform seamlessly integrates with our EMR. We are a larger practice and have been able to improve efficiencies across our office without spending excess time and effort learning multiple systems.

Using [the Charge Capture] app has been an absolute game-changer for my medical practice. It has streamlined our billing process and eliminated manual paperwork, reducing errors and saving us valuable time. The app’s intuitive interface and ease of use makes it easy for our providers to submit billing in a timely effective manner. We are able to submit claims timely and track provider productivity. Not only has it improved our efficiency, but it has also significantly increased our revenue by ensuring timely reimbursements.


President/CMO of ApexCare, PLLC

Why Updox Works as an Enterprise Solution 

Updox can help even the largest enterprises to increase efficiency, boost revenue, and scale operations effectively. 

Increase Efficiency

Our communication tools, time-saving automations, and software integrations help you operate more efficiently. 

Engage Patients

Boost patient engagement to improve patient outcomes and build a loyal patient base. 

Boost Revenue

Our communication tools, time-saving automations, and software integrations help you operate more efficiently. 

Scale Operations

Our platforms help expand your ability to take on more patients and staff while still operating effectively. 

Improve Patient Engagement in Any Specialty

Just as you can scale Updox to any-sized practice, our patient engagement solutions can be customized to benefit any healthcare specialty.

Primary Care
Internal Medicine
Behavioral Health
And More!

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Where It All Comes Together

One platform to connect your entire organization for more productive, cost-effective healthcare.

It starts with patient engagement.

Updox has a modern mobile experience. Patients can get appt. reminders, access electronic health records, and pay bills—all without an app.

While increasing team
member satisfaction.

Updox reduces staff burnout by automating administrative tasks, reducing patient calls, and simplifying billing.

All within our
intuitive platforms.

Updox integrates with today’s most popular healthcare technology, so you can work quickly and effectively without jumping between tools.

Take a closer look at how our Platforms can work for your Enterprise business.

Updox Payments Anywhere, Anytime

Updox Payments lets you interact with patients by engaging them where they are—on their mobile devices. Embedded within the Updox inbox workflow, Updox Payments provides a simple, quick way to request and collect payments from any location or device.

Let’s Talk Partnerships

Updox has a robust partnership program that can help you enhance your current offerings, generate new revenue, and reduce operating costs.

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