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Less Steps with Updox for eMDs Solution Series


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Updox for eMDs Solution Series is a web-based communications platform helping users simplify daily administrative workflows, automate the pre-visit patient experience and connect with patients and referral sources on a regular basis.

As the seasons change, so do the standards set upon independent practices. Applying subtle changes to your workflow and implementing a solution that works WITH your current EMR can make all the difference.

Join us to learn how these key integrated features are improving the efficiency of eMDs Solution Series practices.

  • Integrated Digital Fax, can help enhance your current DocMan workflow and even eliminate the need for it
  • Automated Patient Messaging allows your staff to focus their time back on patient satisfaction and eliminate no-shows
  • On-Demand Messages can provide your practice with the freedom to educate, inform and simply stay front of mind for your patients and referral network on the fly

Watch the recorded webinar below to see how practices like yours are leveraging Updox to find more hours in the day.

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