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Updox Launches Online Payment Solution, Powered by PaySimple, to Help Practices Optimize Revenue and Improve Efficiency


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Secure, HIPAA-compliant solution lets practices request payments from patients via SMS texting, with a fully mobile patient-facing app

Updox, an EverCommerce (Nasdaq: EVCM) solution and complete healthcare communication platform for in-person and virtual care, today announced the release of Updox Payments, powered by PaySimple, EverCommerce’s payments management solution for service-based businesses. Updox Payments provides a simple, quick way to request and collect patient payments from any location or device.

Through Updox Payments, practices interact with patients by engaging them where they are on their mobile devices. The practice can send the patient messages via SMS text with a link to make requested payments, such as co-pays or account balances, through their mobile device to create a contactless encounter. The online payment is completed in a secure, HIPAA- and PCI-compliant environment. Updox Payments also offers an easy-to-use dashboard so practices can track payments, manage requests and see status immediately. 

As healthcare consumerism grows, online and mobile payment options are conveniences patients get from other businesses and are now expecting from healthcare providers as well. A Trends in Healthcare Payments survey determined that 68 percent of patients wanted to pay clinician offices using electronic tools but only 20 percent reported actually being able to make online payments. 

“The benefit of the Updox Payment solution is that it requires no apps that must be downloaded. Patients can pay directly from their phones in a way that improves the practice’s cash flow while also providing a convenient patient experience,” says Zach Zettler, president of Updox. “Practices save time on paper costs and the administrative burden that comes with managing statements and receipts.”

Liz Rosenbaum, office manager of Optimal Health Family Practice, in Provo, Utah, says the solution is working well for the practice. “Updox Payments is very handy and has been well received by our patients,” she says. “There’s no more calling patients and asking for them to call back to get their payment information. I can just send the link and it’s done. It saves us a great deal of administrative time.”

Learn more about Updox Payments at https://info.updox.com/2021_updox_payments_demo. For additional updates and information from the company, visit www.updox.com or follow @updox on Twitter. 

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A complete healthcare communication platform for in-person and virtual care, Updox offers one consolidated inbox for healthcare providers to manage the entire patient journey and office productivity. Through an all-in-one platform, Updox provides a broad set of capabilities for virtual health, patient engagement, and paperless office efficiency that work together to reduce costs and drive revenue. Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, Updox, an EverCommerce company, is integrated with more than 100 electronic health records (EHR) and practice management systems to serve more than 560,000 users and 210 million patients. Learn how we simplify the business of healthcare. Visit www.updox.com or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

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PaySimple is a leading payment management solution for service-based businesses, powering the cashflow of over 20,000 companies in the United States. PaySimple partners with businesses to drive growth with flexible payment and billing solutions such as credit card, debit card, ACH transfers, recurring billing, and online payment, and offers personalized customer service to suit their unique and varied needs. PaySimple offers an all-in-one payment, billing and customer management solution. For more information visit www.paysimple.com.

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