Updox Patient Payments with Credit Card on File

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“I’m definitely glad I decided to try Updox Patient Payments. Getting started was fast and using it was intuitive enough that I was able to start taking payments the same day I was trained. I love how easy it is to just type in the patient’s name and everything pulls right up to run a payment, print a receipt, etc. My patients have found the ability to pay through the portal to be handy. I’d definitely recommend that others give Updox Patient Payments a try!”
– Robin Dickinson, MD, Community Supported Family Medicine

“Updox Patient Payments has worked really well for our practice. Staff like the ease of swiping the card and securely storing information. Patients have been very accepting of the service. Both groups appreciate the option to email receipts and it’s especially helpful for patients who want to order or refill supplements. We appreciate having this solution that allows us to collect payments faster in a way that also offers benefits to our patients.”         
– Maurice Beer, MD, Integrative Medical NY

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The explosion of high deductible plans puts a burden on patient collections. Practices need to more effectively manage their cash flow – a crucial component to running a successful medical office. A new payment solution from Updox helps practices provide convenient, secure payment options to patients, improves cash flow, lowers expenses and adds options for new revenue-building services. The new Updox feature is integrated into the practice’s workflow and eliminates the need for separate payment terminals.

Updox Patient Payments offers customers new ways they can collect co-pays and balances from patients, who are able to enter their credit card information from home, in the lobby or providing their card to office staff for in-office swiping. Patients can receive bills online through their Updox patient portal, submit payment electronically and have their credit cards stored for future charges.  They can buy products and services and set up payment plans for large balances.

Payments Screencap

Features and Benefits:

  • One-Step payment processing – Transactions fully integrated with Updox
  • Process credit cards in the office or by patients on the portal. Eliminates need for separate payment terminals.
  • Security – Fully encrypted card reader
  • Flat rate pricing – No hidden fees
  • Eliminate paper by sending through the portal
  • Reduce collections issues, charge for no shows
  • Credit Card on File option – Fully eliminates need for statements and collections!
  • Payment Plans
  • Create Products and Services patients can purchase on the portal
  • Integrated Credit Card Swiper – Practices no longer need phone lines
  • Advanced Reporting with Updox Business View – a free online portal that lets  you manage payments anytime, anywhere! Conduct a free payment search, generate batch reports and much more!

With Updox Patient Payments, practices benefit through lower billing costs and single vendor that offers a proven, efficient method to avoid collection issues, ensure timely payments and charge for no-shows. To help practices expand their market share, the Updox payment solution opens the way for the expansion of patient services such as payment plans, family access services, or opportunities for subscription-based care or additional products and services via an online marketplace on the practice’s web page.