Success Stories

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Patient Payments:

Integrative Medical NY – Saving Time and Money While Maximizing Cash Flow

Integrative Medical NY was looking for options to help them improve cash flow and support their online practice marketplace.  Already familiar with Updox, the practice opted to put the new Updox Patient Payments solution to work for them. They needed a secure solution that was easy to use for both staff and patients. They found that through Updox Patient Payments.

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Paperless Faxing and Patient Portal

Thomas Miller, MD - Staying Independent with Updox 

"I couldn't run my practice without Updox," says Dr. Miller, who uses Updox paperless faxing and patient portal solutions as a solo practitioner. "I definitely believe that Updox helps me stay in business. It’s important me to me to operate my practice on my terms. Updox lets me maximize my time and focus on taking care of my patients.”

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Patient Portal

Family Medicine of Jonesborough – High-Tech Office, More Meaningful Care

Family Medicine of Jonesborough is a small practice in Jonesborough, Tenn., with one physician, a part-time nurse and a practice administrator. In a small practice such as theirs, Updox serves many roles and allows the practice to flourish without having to add extra staff or incur additional overhead expenses.

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Amazing Charts:

Ricardo Ortega, MD - Innovative Solutions Help Solo Practice Physicians Remain Independent

“Updox makes it more feasible for micro patient-centered practices to survive and thrive in today’s healthcare system. It lets you be competitive and run your practice efficiently with minimal or no additional staff.” Ricardo Ortega, MD, is a fully-mobile independent physician with a solo geriatric home care practice, made up of himself, a computer and a third-party billing service. He has no separate office and no staff. Find out how Updox helps him practice on his own terms. 

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Marty Holt - Get More From Your EHR with Updox for Amazing Charts

“I can’t understand why someone would use Amazing Charts without also using Updox,” says Marty Holt, PA-C, physician assistant with North Orange County Regional Health Foundation. Since 2011, Marty and his practice have been using the winning combination of Updox and Amazing Charts for faxing, importing documents to the patient chart and also importing pictures into Amazing Charts.

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Dr. James Legan – Leveraging Technology to Transform Relationships

“Embracing technology is one of the best business decisions I’ve made in my 21 years of being a doctor.  We’ve seen tremendous reductions in redundancy and inefficiency and have saved in paper, toner and postage,” says James Legan, MD. “Most importantly, thanks to technology, one nurse can do the work of at least 2.5 employees 10 to 15 years ago.”

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Coastal Women’s Healthcare – A Short-Term Solution Delivers Long-Term Benefits

Coastal Women’s Healthcare, a 12-physician provider practice in Scarborough, Maine, is a thriving paperless medical practice. When they acquired another practice that was not paperless, they were concerned about the cost and resources of transferring that practice’s patient files and charts. They caught a demonstration of Updox and saw a solution that they could manage. What they didn’t plan for was how much it would enhance their practice.

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Prescott Cardiology – Significant cost savings with a user-friendly solution

When Prescott Cardiology sought an electronic faxing solution that offered better options for tracking faxes, provided confirmations and offered enhanced sent/received data – their research brought them to Updox. The practice started using Updox for electronic faxing that linked directly with Greenway PrimeSUITE EHR.

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SouthEast Eye Specialists – The freedom of letting go…of paper

SouthEast Eye Specialists, a eighteen-location practice with 12 physicians and 125 staff members, was searching for an electronic fax system for their offices that offered better routing features, simple implementation and easy integration with their Greenway Prime Suite EHR. Updox met their needs and more.

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Practice Fusion

Dr. Bronwyn Bacon - Maximizing Time and Efficiency with Updox for Practice Fusion

When Dr. Bronwyn Bacon of Elevate Health in Bozeman, Montana, was researching paperless faxing options for her practice, she came across a web article that stated Practice Fusion was working on integration with Updox. That was the start of a great relationship.

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