Updox Announces New Digital Charge Capture Solution to Enhance Practice Revenue Optimization

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Cutting-edge technology enables medical professionals to leverage automated intelligence to get paid faster and boost revenues.  

DUBLIN, Ohio—October 11, 2022—Updox, an EverHealth solution by EverCommerce (Nasdaq: EVCM) and the industry- leading complete healthcare communication platform for in-person and virtual care, is proud to announce the introduction of Charge Capture powered by MDTech. This enhanced solution is the culmination of ongoing investments and the consolidation of AlertMD and MDTech—two leading solutions for digital charge capture. The new unified product, Updox Charge Capture powered by MDTech, will be available to the market on October 11, 2022.   

Updox’s core mission is to help healthcare providers focus on patients, not paperwork. As a hybrid mobile and desktop charge capture solution, Charge Capture powered by MDTech uses automated data feeds to identify savings opportunities, displaying them on an easy-to-use business management dashboard so practitioners or office managers can action billing at point of care. Implementing this tool is a simple and effective way to streamline administrative workflows, decrease charge lag, and optimize practice revenue.  

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By adopting Charge Capture powered by MDTech, practices can increase billing revenue from 7 to 16 percent by plugging missing charges, or advance cash flow by up to 9 days with a proprietary missing charge audit process. Through its easy-to-use mobile platform, Charge Capture powered by MDTech is integrated across industry systems to make the flow of data seamless. Patient lists, documentation and more are available to providers while Charge Capture does the work of passing the pro-fee bills back to the practice to close the loop. 

“It is our goal to offer state-of-the-art healthcare technologies to help our customers manage their practices with ease,” says Updox President Justin Mason, “That is why I am excited to introduce Charge Capture powered by MDTech, a best-in-class digital charge capture product, to the Updox healthcare solutions family.”  

Looking forward, Updox plans to continue to grow Charge Capture powered by MDTech through continued investment in the mobile experience as well as by expanding integrations and specialty focus to keep it at the forefront of digital charge capture technology. They are also committed to providing the same best-in-class quality of support and services that Updox customers know and love.   

For additional information on Updox and Charge Capture powered by MDTech, please visit updox.com/charge-capture. 

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