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Healthcare Providers Lean on Telehealth During COVID-19

Want to make your practice’s virtual care strategy successful and convenient? Check out our full suite of telehealth solutions to get started.


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Updox | Telehealth During Covid Resurgence

Throughout the pandemic, the rate of COVID-19 cases has seen sharp spikes and declines. And nearly two years in, this trend is continuing. For instance, in September of 2021, states across the nation experienced a positive plateau in new cases, but in the midst of end-of-year holidays, infection rates climbed to record highs due to the Omicron variant. Telehealth continues to play a major role in connecting providers with their patients during these unpredictable times.

With this recent uptick in cases, it’s clear that healthcare providers still need a way to triage patients that may be infected by the virus or prefer a virtual option while keeping their practice running smoothly. Having a strong virtual care plan in place is more important than ever to ensure strong communication between patients and their providers.

Telehealth is a Necessity Moving Forward

At the onset of the pandemic, many providers quickly adopted telehealth solutions to help keep both their patients and staff safe.

While in-person visits have returned, a hybrid approach that includes telehealth continues to be necessary and preferred by both patients and providers. In fact, 44% of providers from our recent survey shared that they anticipate telehealth making up 10-50% of patient care visits in 2022 and moving forward.

Our Goal to Improve the Provider-Patient Experience with Telehealth

As COVID-19 continues into the new year, providers are looking for easy-to-implement telehealth solutions that won’t put a burden on their practice’s finances. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to help customers provide the best care through reliable and affordable virtual care tools during this time of need and beyond.

To support increasing telehealth demands and our customers as they continue to build out their virtual care strategy this year, we’re releasing updates to our existing telehealth solution — Updox Video Chat. After all, with providers ranking video chat as the number one tech they suspect will have the biggest impact on their practice in 2022, they’ll need a solution like ours to make delivering improved care possible.

From the patient experience to your staff’s workflows, this upgrade is designed to make a virtual care visit feel as close to an in-person office visit as possible. We’re doing this by making the virtual waiting room user experience more intuitive, expanding group telehealth visits to accommodate 3x more participants, giving providers the ability to better manage video settings, and more.

Want to make your practice’s virtual care strategy successful and convenient? Check out our full suite of telehealth solutions to get started.

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