Electronic Fax

Still Using a Paper Fax Machine for your Paperless Practice?

Updox offers the only integrated Electronic Fax and Document Management solution built specifically for medical practices.

We are the leading electronic fax provider in healthcare, processing millions of faxes each month. Our robust management and routing interface allows practices the ability to streamline their document workflows and be able to auto-sort incoming faxes.
Practices gain several benefits by using Updox for faxing, including:

  • Staff get to spend time on more higher value tasks by no longer wasting time scanning in documents and shuffling paper
  • Access your faxes, messages, and documents from any computer in or out of the office
  • Save money on toner, paper, storage and phone line costs
  • Annotate and sign any document electronically and only import the pages you want into your EHR
  • Create unlimited fax numbers and assign them to offices, individual employees and queues

Please contact us with questions or to request a web meeting if you would like to learn more before registering for a free trial or to inquire about a partnership with Updox.

Electronic Fax