HIPAA Compliant eFax

An easier way to manage documents

eFax is the easy choice for sending and receiving documents while removing the expenses of physical hardware and paper. Online fax documents flow through our secure, HIPAA-compliant inbox, increasing your staff and practice productivity while optimizing your workflow in a safe and efficient way.

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Benefits of HIPAA Compliant eFax with Advanced Fax Routing

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    Improve Workflow

    Organize and assign ownership/priority to keep documents moving throughout the day.

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    Edit Quickly

    Markup, sign, or break apart documents electronically, without disruptions.

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    Ensure Security

    Send and receive faxes through a HIPAA-compliant inbox with audit trail capabilities.

"Staff found it very empowering for them to learn. We don’t need to wait 2-3 weeks for papers to get scanned into the system; now it is almost immediate."
Eric Costanios, Manager
Prescott Cardiology

Updox HIPAA-Compliant eFax FAQ's

Are eFax HIPAA Compliant?

Not all eFax solutions are HIPAA compliant. You’ll need to find a service that uses point-to-point encryption to protect sensitive information both “at rest” and “in transit.” In other words, digital information must be as safe in storage as it is in transmission. It is also important that all faxes containing Protected Health Information (PHI) have HIPAA-approved cover pages instead of standard MS Word cover sheets.


This helps to add another layer of security and ensure that only authorized parties can view the sensitive data being sent over the line. Furthermore, it is recommended to allocate a separate fax line for non-HIPAA materials rather than using one line for both types of documents. By replacing physical hardware and paper with a digital faxing solution, practices can save money and time while increasing workflow efficiency—but only if they choose a purpose-built, HIPAA-compliant eFax solution. 

What makes an online fax service HIPAA compliant?

An online fax service can be considered HIPAA compliant if it employs various security measures to ensure the privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI). Such measures include utilizing a secure data center, encrypting data both in transit and at rest, using quality encryption standards, providing detailed information on their security protocols, signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), and having a configurable data retention policy. Cover sheets for all faxes containing PHI must also comply with HIPAA standards for data protection. Check out our Healthcare Fax Infographic to see how HIPAA-compliant eFax works.

How much does HIPAA-compliant eFax cost?

Every HIPAA-compliant eFax service will be priced differently, but these solutions are generally highly affordable—especially in the context of how much a HIPAA violation could cost your practice. eFax is one of the most popular ways for healthcare providers to send and receive sensitive health information, and having a HIPAA-compliant eFax service is essential for any modern healthcare business. If you’re pricing out online fax solutions, consider whether it makes more sense for your practice to pay a monthly flat rate or to pay per fax sent. 

What happens to an attachment of a HIPAA-compliant fax?

An attachment of a HIPAA-compliant fax follows the same standards as the fax itself, meaning that it is kept secure and private. The cloud fax service will encrypt the attachment in transit and at rest so it cannot be intercepted or accessed by unauthorized personnel. Any organization utilizing a cloud fax service to send PHI must also sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with their chosen vendor. This agreement outlines all of the security measures necessary for HIPAA compliance, such as configurable data retention policies, encrypted transmissions, and other protections 

Does Updox have a HIPAA-Compliant eFax service?

Yes, Updox eFax is HIPAA compliant! Our secure platform has been designed with the highest standards of healthcare data security and privacy in mind. Documents are encrypted before they leave your device, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access them.


We keep up with the latest industry trends to ensure that our service meets all HIPAA requirements for sending patient records electronically. You can rest assured that confidential information is kept safe and secure at all times. Additionally, eliminating manual processes reduces opportunities for human error—a crucial factor when handling sensitive patient information. Ultimately, you can trust Updox eFax to keep patient data safe and provide a convenient way to send and receive electronic documents quickly and securely. 

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