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Healthcare Providers Need Contactless Check-In Processes


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As vaccination rates increased in the U.S. and the CDC lessened restrictions around mask wearing and social distancing, people across the country started to get back to pre-COVID-19 behavior. Restaurants were busy again, businesses allowed fully-vaccinated consumers to shop mask-free and patients were rescheduling previously delayed healthcare appointments.

While a few months ago the U.S. was making good progress in combating the spread of the virus, highly contagious COVID-19 variants such as Delta have since cropped up and are infecting both unvaccinated and fully-vaccinated people — causing a recent spike in cases across the nation.

To help reduce infection rates, government officials are urging Americans to mask up again regardless of vaccination status. As the country works to drive down transmission rates, healthcare providers need tools in place to continue keeping patients safe before, during and after appointments.

Creating a Contactless Check-In Process for Patient Safety

With patients increasingly coming back into the office for in-person appointments, it’s critical for practices to ensure patient and staff safety, comfort and convenience, not only now as COVID variants emerge, but for the long-term. While safety is a primary concern, patients also want easy access to their providers, shorter appointment wait times and the option to complete paperwork on their own time. In fact, more than half of patients say convenience is the most important factor in choosing care.

Implementing contactless solutions is an important way to increase safety and convenience. Here are the technology tools you need to make the healthcare appointment process convenient and safe for both your patients and your staff:

  • Broadcast Messaging: As COVID-19 cases spike, patients may have concerns on whether they should keep or reschedule appointments. With Broadcast Messaging, you have the option to send a message to your entire patient base about any initiatives you have in place to promote safety and sanitation, options to schedule telehealth appointments, or just to keep them updated on the latest CDC guidance.
  • Secure Text: From there, Secure Texting options allow you to send your patients any pre or post-visit information right to the palm of their hand on a smart device.
  • Virtual Waiting Rooms: On appointment day, patients no longer want to wait in crowded waiting rooms and make themselves vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 or other viruses. Contactless intake solutions allow patients to check-in to their appointment through a smart device and then be directed to an examination room when their healthcare provider is ready to see them — eliminating the inconvenience and hazard of a waiting room.
  • Electronic Forms: Through the virtual waiting room, you can task patients with filling out online medical forms before the actual visit. This not only helps providers eliminate the risk of human error when transferring paper to digital, but it can also enhance safety as it gets rid of dirty clipboards and pens.

We’re here to help you, your staff and patients stay safe and comfortable as we continue to navigate uncertain times.

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